Hello Fellow Gamers! This month we dedicated ourselves to making the combat more enjoyable than it was. There were a lot of critical choices we made to make it a better experience for everyone. We believe the combat mechanics are a lot better now. 

First off, we divided combat into 2 different categories.

1- Light Attacks

2- Heavy Attacks

We needed to do this change to keep strategic decisions to the player, rather than going for a one dimensional combat type. With this decision, we knew we could have lots of other opportunities by doing so, like different combos and alignments. So we worked on how to make it better. 

As we are speaking now, we already have some combo mechanics ready and implemented to the game. However we are experimenting on using different alignments and perfecting the combat dynamics. We would like to create a game where inexperienced and veterans can both enjoy. That is our current challenge.

We also added a bit of verticality and mobility to the game. Now jumping is more essential due to the level designs, as well as for combat mechanics. Players can now jump and slam of the ground (which is a powerful attack) also there is a dash attack option now to initiate fights. 

One of the fun aspect of Ex Natura is the new enemy progression system. Enemies will have skills similar to the player, making the game harder as we progress, but we are also planning to add new combo variations as we defeat bosses and proceed in the story. These combo variations will give the player the ability to cope with the difficulty. 

Here is a list of other changes made with this iteration;

We will keep you updated with new stuff very soon. 

Keep safe, stay awesome!

-Blackburne Team