Hello Everyone! It has been a busy month for our team but we made lots and lots of progress. We are very excited to see this progress and we hope you will love our new direction of the gameplay mechanics. Here are some of the changes made;

Core gameplay mechanics are revamped! We are now a new genre. Souls lite! We love the “Souls” type of gameplay but we wanted our game to be more action oriented and more fun! So we added a new “Enrage” mechanic to the game. This mechanic will be triggered automatically, giving the player a huge advantage for a short amount of time. This will also change the player’s strategy to initiate the combat in different situations. We believe the game became twice as fun.

With the implementation of the enrage mechanic, the game stabilization changed, so we made some major changes to the combat system. There was a problem with the hit registers as well, with this iteration we have achieved a huge improvement to combat dynamics as well. Now the character will be automatically attacking to the nearest target when the players attack. This should fix the issue of wasting stamina with unintentional weapon swings. However, the player should still be in an angle of approach with the enemy to successfully hit. 

Minor changes made with the mobility of the character, such as walking speed, running speed and dashing distances. 

We have added new puzzle-ish mechanics to the game to change the pace of the game. They are mostly physics based puzzles and they will require timing and aiming skills. They are not going to change the outcome of the gameplay but they are mostly required to be completed in order to continue. We didn’t design them as a traditional puzzle in action RPG games to avoid players becoming bored.

Here is a list of other changes made with this iteration;

We will continue to improve the gameplay side of the game majorly focusing on having a real solid and fun combat system. We will introduce you to the new changes made with the upcoming updates.

Stay safe, stay awesome!

-Blackburne Team